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-Passive Houses are quite simply comfortable,
economic and energy-efficient buildings.

Hans Eek, Architect, co-founder of the Passive house concept and
initiator of Passivhuscentrum Västra Götaland.

Welcome to the Passive house centre of Sweden.

About Us

Passivhuscentrum Västra Götaland is a public environmental centre that promotes energy-efficient building and renovation in relation to EU and Sweden environmental targets 2020 and 2050. We are a centre of excellence that works with training, seminars, information, advice, study visits and research projects dealing with environmentally friendly construction and renovation particularly Passive House. The centre forms part of the City of Alingsås in close collaboration with Västra Götaland Region. We work with both producers and consumers. We at Passivhuscentrum can answer all your questions about Passive House. You can also get advice about where to turn to for support with Passive House construction and technology.

The centre functions as a platform that brings together and collaborates with stakeholders and suppliers in the Passive House market. We work with networking and with actively tying together the various stakeholders who can benefit from each other. To remain at the cutting edge of the market we both participate in and organise seminars, exibitions, trade-fairs and conferences.

Come and visit our exhibition where we can show you passive wall components, windows, ventilation units, solar panels and more. We collaborate with universities, government agencies, municipalities, property owners, construction companies and others.

Would you like to collaborate with us?

Contact us:

info [at] passivhuscentrum [dot] se or +46 (0)322-616800


We Offer

Passivhuscentrum Västra Götaland is a resource for spreading knowledge about energy-efficient and sustainable construction. We stand for knowledge and contacts while offering training, advice and study visits. We work with both our own events and as a partner or lecturer at external events.

Are you arranging a conference on sustainability? If so, we would love to be involved and contribute to the content.


We have education and training programs for all, theoretical, practical and inspirational.We strive to spread knowledge of energy-efficient buildings to all who are interested in current and future housing and building construction.

We offer courses to:


Building and real estate industry; CEO, CFO, arcitechts, engineers, planners and more

Politicians and civil servants

High School Teachers


We offer a free advisory service to both private individuals and companies who are interested in building a Passive House.

When you begin your building project we are happy to answer your questions about Passive House, Passive House technology and Passive House costs. We can help with contacts and offer free advice to private individuals and companies who are interested in building a Passive House. This free consultation offer is 1.5 hours for private individuals and 1 hour for companies.

The offer applies for Passive House construction only. For other construction methods contact your local municipality's Energy Advisor.

You are welcome to ring/e-mail of book a meeting with any of our Passive House experts to book a consultation.

info [at] passivhuscentrum [dot] se


Study Visits (Lectures & Seminars)

Visit us and we will show and tell you everything you need to know about Passive House and energy-efficient construction methods.

We accept groups of all forms and sizes. We tailor the content to fit the group's visit. A study visit usually involves a lecture about Passive House, a guided tour of our exhibition PassivehusExpo combined with a site visit to a Passive House project in the vicinity of Alingsås.

Brogården: Is it possible to refurbish down to passive house standards? We claim, yes.






Stadsskogenskolan: One of the best school buildings in Sweden, plus energy passive house, well worth a visit.

Kvarteret Ljuset: Apartment houses in the center of Alingsås, built with passive house technique.


Examples of different types of seminar we can arrange

An Introduction to Passive House and sustainable construction

From Intention to Action in municipal authorities

Sustainable Economics how do I make savings on all types of resources

High-School Days for construction, nature, social, electrical and mechanical programs in high-schools

Industry-Orientated Study Visits e.g for contractors, architects and property developers etc.


If you'd like to know more or want to arrange a study visit to us,
contact our event co-ordinator Jonas Larsson jonas [dot] larsson [at] passivhuscentrum [dot] se



About Passive House

We humans and our household applicances generate a lot of energy. Passive Houses are highly insulated buildings which are heated largely through the energy already found in the house. The idea behind Passive House was developed in Germany adn Sweden in the 1980's and 1990's where it was agreed that it was possible to build houses without radiator heating systems by ensuring that heating loses were kept to a minimum. Passive Houses are affordable. The small additional outlay for improved insulation and heat exchange ventilation can give lower overall costs even after just a few years, depending on the project.


You are welcome to visit our exhibition of passive house building materials and technology. The exhibition is permanent and shows how passive houses are constructed. We can show you certified Passive House materials and techniques that are used in a Passive House. To be able to show you the latest technologies we work closely with companies in the industry,

The exhibition is open to the public

Monday to Friday and is free-entry.

Get in touch so we can guide you through!